Extra Stats

Extra stats can be earned through your train points skill, each skill gives you 3 points to add.

1) Train points can be trained in Hyperbolic Time Chamber
- Instuction:
  • You have to find Time Chamber room and just walk there

  • - limits:
  • Max skill = your_current_level/3
  • Before reborn: 50 train points

  • - stats:
  • Melee/Dist Atk: 0.1% per point
  • Regeneration: +10 hp and ki per sec
  • Ki Atk: 0.1% per point
  • Melee def: 0.1% per point
  • Ki def: 0.1% per point
  • Vitality: 50 hp per point
  • Ki: 100 ki per point

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